This website serves as a waypoint and resource for digital art, new forms of contemporary art and creative self-expression. It includes URLs of artists, scholars, digital art organizations, bibliographies and videos, as well as excerpts from Art of the Digital Age, writings and other research tools. This curated site is based on my experience with digital art, which began in 1976. It reflects my personal philosophy of art and the evolution of contemporary art. There are as many definitions of digital art as there are curators. I define contemporary art as a creative reflection of current culture. When digital art was still considered outsider art, validation of artists in museum exhibitions, galleries, books and publications was important to help establish this art form as an accepted means of creative self-expression. Artofthedigitalage.com is an ongoing endeavor that will be updated regularly to include new developments. If you wish to contribute to this site, please email artofthedigitalage@gmail.com.
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Bruce Wands

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