The following essays provide historical background and information on my approach to digital art and new forms of contemporary art.

The Engagement of Digital Art with Contemporary Art

Keynote speech, EVA Conference, British Computer Art Society, London, 2017

Defining Digital Art

The Contemporary Becomes Digital

Creating Continuity between Computer Art History and Contemporary Art


Recommended Reading


These books will provide a small, affordable library that will give you a fundamental and comprehensive overview of digital art.

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United States
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Bruce Wands, Art of the Digital Age, 2006, Thames & Hudson, London, UK
Stephen Wilson, Information Arts, 2002, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, United States

Further Reading


You might want to consider adding some of these additional books to your personal library on digital art. More resources can be found in the bibliographies listings.

ACM, Special Interest Group in Graphics (SIGGRAPH), Visual Proceedings (including the art show catalogs)

Ars Electronica, Cyberarts (catalogs of conferences and awards)

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The bibliographies that follow include books, essays, periodicals and other information designed to provide a wealth of knowledge about digital art, new media art and many other topics. While some stand on their own, others are parts of larger websites that I encourage you to explore.

Please contact the copyright holders to obtain written permission to use the work and cite the appropriate credits.

Oliver Grau, New Media Art Bibliography

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Leonardo Book Series